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Do you snore?

Snoring arises when during sleep at in and out breathing the air cannot flow
unhindered, when the respiratory system is blocked.

For children and youths the rate is only at 10%. In comparison from adults
are affected 60% of men and 40% of women in Europe.

Compared with the normal snoring snoring with breathing stops,
called apnoea, can cause heavy health damages. Apnoea longer than 10
seconds and more than 10 times per hour are classified as pathological
apnoea and should be treated medically. Due to an restless slepp and the
decreased oxigen content in blood numerours symptoms can appear like
headaches, day fatigue, depressions or cardiac arrhythmias. The risk for
heart attach and strokes considerably increased.

How does ApnoeDoc work?

With the system ApnoeDoc of IfU Diagnostic Systems GmbH you can do a precheck easliy and wireless with your smart phone to get to know if a further medical treatment e.g. in a sleep laboratory is necessary.

Therefore you use your smart phone as recorder and put it near your sleeping place. With the PC software ApnoeDoc the recorded data is evaluated automatically and shows the result visually. So you can see at a glance if a visit to the doctor and or sleep laboratory is required.

The full manual you can download here

Advice: We recommend  to consult a doctor resp. a sleep laboratory if the number of detected apnoea-like events is more than 10.

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